• All Muslim graves at Blocks 6, 7*, 8, 9, 19 & 20.
  • Graves located outside Blocks 6, 7*, 8, 9, 19 & 20 can also be exhumed should they meet these requirements:
    • Deceased must be buried for at least 15 years at 26 Sept 2018
    • Supplementary Deceased must be related to Principal Deceased from the affected graves as shown below:
*Part of block 7 will be exhumed (please refer to location map in question 12)


Where to register?

  • At Pusara Aman Mosque, 11 Lim Chu kang Road.
  • From 10 Oct 17 onwards Claimant can make an appointment online via: pusara.sg. Claimant is required to be present at Pusara Aman Mosque on the date and time selected.
  • Registration and verification of grave(s) will be done on the same day, weather permitting.
  • Registration period is for 1 year, closing on 25 Sept 2018

What to bring along?

  • NRIC of Claimant
  • Relevant documents such as Death / Burial Certificate of the deceased or others.

What are the operating hours?

  • Monday to Thursday:
    • 0830 – 1230 – walk-in and online booking
    • 1330 – 1630 – online booking only
  • Friday:
    • 0830 – 1230  – walk-in and online booking
    • 1430 – 1630  – online booking only
  • Saturday:
    • 0830 – 1200  – online booking only
  • Our office is closed on Sundays and Public Holidays
  • For further information on registration, claimant can call 6238 4504

How to avoid long queue?

  • Make an online booking via pusara.sg
  • Claimant can check the queue monitoring status online beginning 10 Oct 17.


  • Registration can only be done at our office at Pusara Aman Mosque.
  • There will be no payment involved for exhumation of affected grave(s) located at Blocks 6, 7*, 8, 9, 19 & 20. However, a fee of $80 (excl GST) will be imposed per deceased should claimant request to exhume the remains of other family members from non-affected graves.
  • Claimants will have to get permission of other family members before making a claim.
  • The process of registration and verification for one deceased may take at least half an hour, excluding waiting and travelling times.
  • Upon completion of registration, you will be notified of the exhumation date, expected to begin on 26 Sept 2018. You are then required to witness the exhumation process.


  • Claimant is advised to plan early, to call the registration office to make enquiry and confirm the exhumation date.


  • Claimant will need to notify our offices and submit an authorisation letter in writing at least one week in advance or email info@pusara.sg


  • Unless requested, tombstones will be disposed of.


  • The graves will be recorded and categorized as “unclaimed graves”.
  • The remains will be reinterred at Choa Chu Kang Muslim Cemetery.


  • The remains will be shrouded individually in white cloth and reinterred at Choa Chu Kang Muslim Cemetery.
  • There will be no ‘Talkin’ as there is no religious requirement for this.


  • Remains will be brought to Choa Chu Kang Muslim Cemetery for reinterment once the exhumation is completed, in accordance to National Environment Agency’s (NEA) guidelines;
    • 8 remains per plot for claimed graves
    • 16 remains per plot for unclaimed graves


  • Family members will be notified of the plot and block number


  • All exhumed remains will be brought to Choa Chu Kang Muslim Cemetery on the same day of the exhumation.
  • You can witness the reinterment of the exhumed remains.


  • Yes. Claimants may apply for a Coffin Permit for exportation from the NEA at the following address:

Port Health Office
National Environment
4545 Jalan Bukit Merah Road
Singapore 159466

For enquiries, please call 6222 2585

  • Costs for export will be borne by the claimant.